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So you think you can hack Toon?

Can Toon resist the creativity and tinkering of true hardcore hackers? 
Who will be able to sneak and crawl through Toon’s security?

If you want to show off your hacking skills or witness others trying, please join us on October 11th during the first official Game of Toons at Worm Rotterdam. Ten teams will unleash anything within their power to master Toon as its puppet. They are battling for the best hacks and most frightening hack scenarios. 

Between 19.00-21.00 these team efforts will be presented during the talk show Tek Tok late night. This talk show includes a panel discussion with cyber security and ethical hacking experts on IoT and Smart Grids, with van Kaspersky, NCSC, Triggy, Zerocopter, Schuberg Philis, Quby and Eneco itself. Musical input from Doktor Schnitt, VJ and lots of Club Mate. Cyber disaster on the highest fun level. Be there! (dutch)