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Mdevcon - Event Report

Toon® API @MDevCon - Amsterdam 17-18 March

Last week the Toon® API team joined MDevCon to host a tutorial and hold a keynote session around its brand new API to inform and inspire mobile developers attending this annual conference in Amsterdam.

The Mobile Developer Conference (MDevCon) is a two-day conference for mobile developers to learn more on a wide variety of topics through multiple workshops and keynote sessions.

On day one, the Toon API team hosted a hands-on tutorial explaining developers how easy it is to connect devices to the Toon Thermostat and create smart applications. The day after offered a keynote session about the past, present and future of the Toon Smart Thermostat, related to the mobile sector opportunities.

Tutorial – day 1: “Create smart home apps with the Toon®”

Tom van Arman, product owner of Toon API team, kickstarted this tutorial and provided the participants with a short introduction about the Toon‘s API program, before handing over to Jaco Koster, Toon API Architect, for a hands-on tutorial.

The mobile developers at this tutorial managed to get up and running relatively easy and connect several smart devices to their Toon displays. They experimented with Fibaro smart plugs and the Philips Hue smart lights.

The developers immediately grasped the potential of apps and services using the current and future API possibilities.

For example, one developer came up with an interesting API concept. Using the Toon to visualise the local energy consumption generated directly from the solar panels on someone’s roof. This instead of returning this electricity back to the energy grid.

Although they were still working with the current basic API, it was a interesting concept to show the future possibilities of energy consumption to encourage for self-sustaining households.

Keynote Session: Toon® API: laying the foundation today for the smart home of tomorrow

Michel Muurmans, Manager Toon at Eneco Innovation & Ventures provided a keynote session on how mobile developers could tap into the Toon API available today. He offered a sneak peek into the new and exciting smart home ground of tomorrow.

Today there are over 230,000 Toons installed in Dutch homes and rapidly growing to a base of 1 million by the end of 2017.With the availability of the API these Toons are transformed into a central hub of innovation which offer a plethora of products, services and smart home applications.

To this day, the Toon API has activated a diverse community of app & Internet of Things (IoT) makers who are laying the foundation of tomorrow’s connected home.

Michel touched upon history and future of the Toon and the roles and opportunities it provides the mobile sector. He also displayed how to support the development community through the various (hackathon & makerspace) events, (incentive) programs and dedicated Toon Smart Home Labs - the focus area of Toon’s Smart Home team at Eneco.

Join the Community

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