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"Alexa, what is the current status of Toon®?"

The API team has hacked the Amazon Echo cloud-based voice service to work with Toon®. At todays Tuesday Tech-lunch, Vladimir demonstrates how we can teach “Alexa” to do many ‘hands-free’ things around the home. With the Echo SDK you can teach her new skills like voice activated commands to Toon like “I’m leaving now; please turn down the Temperature to 15 degrees.”

Using the new Toon Open API you can put and get various calls from JSON scripts that “Alexa” will respond to. Echo is a wildly successful product in the US market with over 100 new features and skills since it’s Launch. Toon API has already demonstrated Alexa's commercial viability to its 230,000 Toon customers with 3rd party solutions currently being developed.

After proving its worth by controlling lights, switches and many other smart home devices, the Toon / Echo “Hack” is now advancing the frontier of home automation by voice activating not only energy controls but also smart devices such as the Philips Hue, Fibaro Smart Plugs and many, many others.