Lab - Water

World of water usage
Water is an essential element of everybody’s daily live. We use it to cook, clean and shower. Everybody recognizes how impactful it is when there is no water available, even for one hour. Our daily routine includes frequent water usage. Up to the fact that it gives us a lot of relevant information. The data coming from the daily use of the dishwasher, shower or toilet make us more aware of potential savings, and also tells us about the comfort and well being of an household. With water insight, solutions come to life.

Our vision
Water monitoring on Toon® can help you manage your water and energy bill. But in the near future this could indicate leakage in your home. And it will be able to monitor home activity – or the absence of this. Through anomalies behavior in these patterns, combined with Toon’s energy data, we are building services that can improve life and solve problems. 

Your ideas
Ideas about water monitoring that stick. We think about fun family apps that make low water usage a competition: parents can show their kids via a smart mirror in the bathroom they showered for too long. Toon connected to assisted living tools, so we get a notification when grandfather didn’t shower this morning.