Lab - Security

World of Security
Living in a secure and safe home environment is one of our basic needs. Nobody feels at ease with unwanted guests in their house. And we all want a home in which your loved ones feel safe. And when something does happen, we want to be alerted immediately and take action. In case of break and enter, fire or water leakage, a lot of damage can be avoided when we act in time.

Our vision
Toon is developing services to manage your home and its surroundings by integrating sets of sensors and actuators. Think of door/window magnets, beacons, sirens, smart light bulbs, smart locks and cameras. All connected to Toon, so you won’t need an extra expensive hub or complex installation process. In case of an emergency, Toon will inform you immediately so you can take appropriate action. And when you are on holiday, Toon can also automatically send a security agent to check on your house and take following actions. We believe security should be stupid simple, do-it-yourself install and without big investment and high monthly fees.

Your ideas
We are looking for solutions that will ease lives for the majority. So not the 5% of households that already have a full fledged solution, but the 95% of households that do not, and desire something simple that works. Think beyond traditional expensive security offerings which don’t get traction. How can we involve the neighborhood in alerting when something is wrong in your home? How can we prevent a burglary by simulating presence with light? Inspired? Let’s get in touch and start developing together. We don’t have all the solutions ourselves, come join us. Or even better, beat us, using our API.