Lab – Assisted Living

World of Assisted Living
Lots of people live alone. Considering the growing group of senior citizens and disabled living on their own, it is important to assist these people with their daily routines, and keep an eye on them, to support, help and service when needed. This will found the future society, in which people will be asked to remain independent and run their own lives. Up until they are old, grey and happy.

Our vision
We’d love to help these people. We would like to alert them to keep doing the vital and smart things in their every day life.. And watch over them, in case (urgent) help is needed. And, we want to include their social peers and family. By analyzing energy consumption and translating this to household behavior, we can see if all is ok, or not. With the contribution of smart home devices like motion sensors, cameras and wearables, we are developing services to assist them leading a comfortable, safe, independent life.

Your Ideas
Are you triggered by the assisted living possibilities? Can you think of services that will help people to assist their parents or grandparents by living on their own? What can you say about energy consumption patterns in relation to someone’s behavior at home? And how would you connect all sorts of devices to create assisted living services? Let’s get in touch and start developing together. We don’t have all the solutions ourselves, come join us. Or even better, beat us, using our API.