Lab - Air Quality

World of Air Quality
We breathe, every other second. Out goes oxygen, carbon dioxide and damp. This exhaled air is circulated so that fresh air can be inhaled again. In other words: to stay healthy, the air you breathe must circulate freely. There are many elements that can cause poor air quality. High traffic locations, dense industry and even well insulated housing. The air you breathe is important, therefore it’s good to monitor the quality of it.

Our vision
Toon® is working on services that monitor and improve air quality in houses and buildings.  Toon measures air quality and advises you how to take action – like opening a window when more air circulation is needed. Toon also informs you on possible hazardous situations, such as high carbon monoxide or smoke levels.

Your ideas
We are looking for solutions that improve your air quality. Specifically in homes and buildings. Tinker on Toon and air quality monitoring services for houses and offices. Fueled with ideas? Let’s get in touch and start developing together. We don’t have all the solutions ourselves, come join us. Or even better, beat us, using our API.