Toon® developer journey

Developing for Toon® is not difficult, but there are a few steps in the process to become a developer. These steps are needed because we need to connect your code to the actual Toon devices for end users, and because we need to ensure than end users have high quality apps. The following is an overview of all steps in the Toon development process. For each step we added links to the documentation for that step.

Step 1: looking around

Step 2: start developing

  • Use the get started button to sign up. After this you receive a password for logging in, a key and a secret. You need to include the key and secret in the source code examples to make them work. When signing up, you need to accept the Toon® terms and conditions.
  • Use the API walkthrough and you new password to test each API command, either against a virtual Toon or a test-Toon. 
  • You can visit Toon events and makerspaces, where you can test your app against Hack-a-Toons (special test kits for testing new app ideas)

Step 3: testing and launch

  • When your app is ready to be reviewed you can submit it to for review against the Toon quality assurance guidelines. These include the Toon branding guidelines.
  • After approval you receive an API key that you should include in the backend of your app or website.
  • You can now publish your app in an appstore, or launch your website. 

Step 4: Use by end users

  • When downloading your app, users can read and have to accept your privacy statement that explains what the app does with their data. 
  • Your app will have a login screen for end users. Toon owners should input their energy company account (Eneco account for many owners) details in the app, and you can use the API key to connect their Toon device to your app.
  • Your app can now read information from their TOON or send commands
  • We count the number of Toon devices connected to your API key.

Step 5: Scaling up