Documentation and background

The Toon® API is a RESTfull API that is documented using the Swagger IO standard. You can communicate with it in basically any language or with any tool you like. Commonly used tools are browser extensions like Postman for Google Chrome, cURL for command-line execution or programming languages like Javascript or C#. The principle will stay the same and make it possible to call the API using any of these tools.

For testing purposes we have created a virtual display for every account that registers as a developer. If you use the credentials received when registering you automatically have access to the virtual display. This virtual display can be used to test all the possible API calls using the API walkthrough and start developing your own app. There is also the possibility to develop on an actual Toon display. To learn more about these possibilities, please read our Toon® developer journey.

Toon® developer journey

An overview of all documentation available in every step of development, from looking around until publishing your app.

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non-technical explanation

This article explains the basic function of the Toon device and the Toon API from a non-coding perspective. You should read this article first before any of the technical documents, especially if you do not have a Toon at home.

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API walkthrough

This tutorial shows you how to use all the Toon API commands directly from your PC. The first part uses a virtual Toon that only exists in a computer. The second part uses a test Toon that is located in Amsterdam.

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Swagger IO

Here you can find an online API console powered by the Swagger IO definition. It describes all the possible API method calls, their requests, responses, parameters and everything else you might want to know. You can use this to either test the API calls online or just to see how to implement them.

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The Toon® API is secured using the OAuth open standard for authorization. This means you have to abide by a few rules when using the API. You can only access display data after you have succesfully been granted authorization. Read all about how to get the proper access and when you should use which implementation on our Authentication page.

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Code Examples

To help developers along the way, we have created code examples of how you can use the Toon® API yourself. These code examples can be found for some of the most popular programming languages.These examples deal with the steps from authenticating the user, to making the call to check the current temperature for the Toon display. These examples can be used as easy stepping stones to start building your own application.

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Toon® GitHub

Visit our Github page for a quick and easy introduction to the capabilities of the Toon® API. Here you can download our sample NodeJS application that simulates a Toon display using the data retrieved through the API. Download the application, install NodeJS, fill in your developer credentials and start up the application to get starting as soon as possible with the Toon API. You can look at the supplied documentation and the code of the application to start creating your own projects.

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