About Toon®

Toon® is a thermostat with a graphic energy display that helps Toon users reduce their energy consumption. Next to that, Toon is also the smart home device that allows users to control their house. It connects to dozens of in home devices allowing you as a developer to rethink the future of home security, health & automation.

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More than
200,000 users

Design for
smarter living

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What would you connect the Toon smart home users to: wearables? Voice recognition? Home robotics? Something we can’t even imagine right now?
Connect your home to hundreds of Z-Wave products relating to security, health, comfort and much, much more
Once you get your hands on the API documentation, sample code and virtual Toon you can start building right away.

Why create apps for Toon®?

  • Build and launch new solutions for real smart homes worldwide
  • No easier way to provide consumers with a smarter home environment
  • Build quick and test fast with easy to use sample code and virtual Toon
  • Join the growing community of developers
  • Thousands of Toon users are waiting to use your app

Documentation and background

Any questions about the Toon API? Check out our Documentation page (powered by Swagger) that gives you the latest overview Toon API calls and explanations. The Toon Documentation UI is a dependency-free collection of HTML, Javascript, and CSS assets that dynamically generate beautiful documentation from a Swagger-compliant API.

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Quality assurance guidelines

These guidelines are mandatory quality guidelines for all apps that want to connect to Toon.

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Toon® branding guidelines

These guidelines are in place to optimize the user experience , so please use them as described below.

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Toon® Privacy principles

The privacy principles describe what all parties can and cannot do with the personal data collected by Toon.

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Pricing principles

These principles describe the principles behind the pricing of the (high volume) API keys.

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